Pouch Smart eco

PouchSmart Create: Empowering Small Brands
with Subsidised Packaging Design

PouchSmart is excited to unveil its groundbreaking initiative for 2024: PouchSmart Create.
This innovative program is a collaboration with more than a dozen professional pouch packaging designers
WORLDWIDE – that want to help us out to upgrade smaller brands to more sustainable packaging.
Our goal? To revolutionise the way small brands approach their packaging design.

Subsidised Pouch Design: A Game-Changer for Small Brands

Understandably, professional packaging design can be a substantial investment, often
running into thousands of pounds.
PouchSmart Create is our response to this challenge. We’ve partnered with a dedicated
group of compassionate designers who offer their expertise to help small brands
upgrade from basic stickers to fully printed artwork.

From Stickers to Sustainability: The PouchSmart Promise

Our mission with PouchSmart Create is clear: enable smaller brands to transition from stickers to
sustainable options. By utilising our state-of-the-art, fully printed facilities and eco-friendly,
plant-based inks, we’re not just upgrading your packaging; we’re upgrading your brand’s
environmental footprint.

Exclusive Opportunity:
Subsidised Artwork Design

PouchSmart Create isn’t just about professional packaging design; it’s about making it accessible. Each month, we select five clients to benefit from our subsidised pouch design services. Yes, printing must be done with PouchSmart, but the opportunity to reboot or refine your brand’s packaging at a subsidised rate is a rare find.

Ready to Upgrade? Contact Us!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to stickers and hello to sustainable pouch packaging, we’re here to
help. Contact Maria to discover the next available slot for your brand. Don’t miss this chance to
transform your packaging with PouchSmart Create.
Let’s create something remarkable together.
PouchSmart Create: Where Sustainability Meets Design.

Calling all
eco-warrior designers!

Fancy helping out? Willing to offer for three hours a
month to the calls?
If you are a call Packaging Designer and want to give
something back, and then why not help out a small brands
upgrade to a professional Artwork packaging that you can
do? We offer a subsidised rate for you, but it’s not going to be
large amounts like what you’re probably used to-but if you
wanna get back and allow people to move move towards a
more sustainable fully Printing And Packaging, yeah I’m using
our soy-based inks?