Litho printed, bespoke boxes at low volume and costs.

Back in 2002 during the launch of a new luxury pouch label, the founder and CEO of Pouch Smart came up against a whole host of packaging issues. He needed luxury boxes and pouches to match his range but no Litho printer was interested. The brands that offered the best packaging options also came with the biggest minimum order volumes.

He found that every printer he contacted were either too expensive, were digital or simply required him to order far too many in one go and for a small company in the beginning of its journey, there wasn’t the need or capacity for so much packaging (after all, there would have been a cost to store it somewhere too).

The lack of packaging options available meant that his was left looking inferior to his competitors. He needed low cost low volume packaging and it just wasn’t available.

Since then, over 63 brands have joined forces to help each other negotiate better rates and volumes
for a whole host of pouches and boxes.

Our Aim

PouchSmart aims to create a community of like-minded brands who are looking for a way to get their luxury packaging printed without the hefty price tags and volume numbers.

By joining forces and collaborating with other brands, members of the PouchSmart community can help each other to get the best deals and most importantly, the best product, for their business.